Support and Service Plans

Dealing with a technology problem is bad enough but, when it happens while you're on a deadline, that can be too much to handle, no matter how proficient of a systems expert you are.

VFX Technologies has systems engineers and technicians on staff who are highly skilled in the IT requirements of Media and Entertainment operations. We support the hardware that supports A/V Broadcast, Visual Effects, Compositing, Color-Grading, CPU-based &  GPU-based Rendering, and SAN/NAS Shared Storage systems.

You call, we RESPOND! - Need us NOW? Call 800 516-4302

To save you time and money, VFX Technologies sells Support Blocks in 10-hour denominations. Get fast access to expert technical hardware support even during evenings and weekends.




We support:

Windows, OSX, and Linux systems.

HP, Boxx, Supermicro, Dell and Mac Workstations

Networking issues. Copper, Fibre, and Infiniband.

Autodesk Advanced System hardware running Flame, Flare & Smoke.


Shared Storage Servers. NAS, SAN and, JBOD

Avid Nexis and ISIS

Scale Logic

Facilis Terablock and more.

Call us for a fast response at 800 516-4302

If you experience an emergency outside of normal business hours and need immediate assistance, contact us at


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