Workstation Rental Services :  High Performance Z Series Workstations ( HP Z840, Z820, Z800 & more..)


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If your business is increasing, our rental workstation fleet can solve your short-term or long-term workstation equipment rental needs. Whether you need additional equipment immediately or if you have an event on the horizon, we are one of the most reputable VFX workstation rental company in the country providing high end workstations for the Media and Entertainment industry.

The up front capital costs to purchase computers and IT hardware can be immensely expensive, especially when it’s only needed for a short period of time.
With our IT hardware rental, you will get access to a wide range of customizable products at a fraction of the cost, from computers to AV equipment and dedicated servers.

Combining ultimate performance with a revolutionary new industrial design, the HP Z Series Workstations deliver the extreme speed and massive expandability that you demand to tackle your biggest challenges. HP Z Series Workstations are the best video editing workstations for 4K video editing, VFX work or editing multi-camera video. It is essential that your video editing workstation be able to handle all kind of heavy loads like adding special effects and CGI, editing timelines and cropping footage, or rendering finished video to different formats. Your time is money, and any time your workstation is down for repairs is costly.

We understand that, and value the quality and reliability of our editing workstations. Now video editing is so easy using with HP high performance workstations.

We provide the rental services for all latest HP Z series workstations like HP Z840, HP Z820, HP Z800 etc. and give nationwide shipping services.

We provide technical support services that ranges from a quick phone call fix, to remote access support, all the way up to complex troubleshooting with several techs on site. Our techs are well versed in IT, A/V broadcast, VFX and post production systems.


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